Livestrong is trying to beat its own Guinness World Record for “Most Widespread Social Networking Message.”  The current record is 209,771 unique mentions in 24 hours using the hashtag #Beatcancer.

For those of you who are new to Twitter, a unique mention means that its not the same person using the hashtag over and over, but an individual new user each time.  A hashtag in a tweet creates a link to ALL the other tweets from around the world where people are using the same hashtag.  By putting the # symbol before a word, you are able to create your own hashtag and see if people are tweeting about the same topics.

Paypal and SWAGG have teamed up to donate $0.05 for every mention using the #Beatcancer hashtag.

Here is a screenshot of the current tweets using #beatcancer


New Gap Logo, Old Gap Logo

Last week Gap launched a new logo in order to reinvent itself and become more ‘modern.

This is a the old Gap logo

This was the new Gap logo

After releasing its new logo, Gap received very negative feedback and response from the social media world.  Twitter, Facebook, and blogs were filled with jokes about how it looked, and people even changed their icon on Twitter to mock the new ad.  There was a website called Make Your Own Gap Logo where people could create their own version of the Gap logo, but the site has been removed.  This was the most popular version of the Gap logo.

Gap was very responsive of the feedback, but some people thought that maybe they were a little too responsive.  Was this logo released with the intention of crowd-sourcing?

Gap then announced earlier this week that they were listening to fans, and going back to their old logo.  I think this is an amazing example of how brands are using social media, and how influential a customer’s voice can be.

What do you think of the logo dispute?

Food & Wine December Cover

The magazine Food & Wine is asking for its fans input on which cover to use for their December issue.  If you go to their Facebook page, you can see the possible choices and ‘like’ which one you want to be the cover for December.  Although Food & Wine states that the winner will not absolutely be the December cover, it is still an invaluable way to gain insight and build consumer relationships.

Here is an example of one of the covers:

So go on their page, ‘like’ them, and vote!

Earthquake Drill Test on Facebook, Twitter

San Diego State University planned a natural disaster drill today to see how social media would be used to respond to a crisis.  Not only are government and relief organizations involved, but they want the public’s involvement too.  We are asked to go to InRelief to see if the website can handle a large amount of traffic. I think that this is fascinating and really practical.  With the staggering amount of people on Facebook and Twitter, it is the easiest way to reach the masses and watch the word spread.  If you are reluctant to get a Twitter, this is a perfect example of how the news has adapted to using social media.  I suggest that you set up a Twitter to at least follow major news networks, local news networks, and maybe some of your favorite companies for special promotions.

In other news, I went to the Stars concert last night at House of Blues in Boston.  Stars is my favorite band, and this show was even better than the last.  Apparently we were giving off really positive energy, and the lead singer couldn’t stop responding/talking about how great we were as a crowd.  These are all taken with my iPhone because I didn’t want to bring my big camera.


4food is a new Manhattan burger restaurant where staff takes orders on their iPads, while a 240-foot screen features live Twitter feeds and Foursquare check-ins. The menu includes a large list of ingredients where customers can customize their own burgers, and are then encouraged to tweet and use Facebook to boast about their experience.  Once the customer tweets about their experience, they can earn money towards their next purchase.  Not impressed yet? Supposedly, the menu offers more than 96 billion customizable burger options.  CEO Adam Kidron thinks that using social media proactively is the way to break through the chaos of NYC restaurants.  He says, “the idea is we’ll save somewhere between 8% to 10% of our gross sales, and that we’ll be able to spend that on better ingredients.  We’ve taken a gamble by spending it on the better ingredients in the beginning, so the social media has to work” (via CNN).

Also, Chautauqua Institution shout-out: There is a featured article on CNN today about Steve McCurry!

iTunes 10 Icon

In case you hadn’t realized or heard, iTunes recently changed its icon for the new iTunes 10 update.  There is an itunes10icon Twitter handle (fake) that is putting out hilarious tweets about the uproar over whether or not the new icon ‘sucks.’  The Twitter account is constantly responding to people tweeting about it, and sending out its own creative tweet jabs.  It’s a really interesting and unique way to poke fun at all the buzz that people are stirring with the new icon.  Here are some of my favorites:

Nemacolin Woodlands Social Media Offer!

Photo from Nemacolin’s website

Nemacolin Woodlands recently announced on their Twitter a special Fall package for their social media fans! See tweet below.

  • Luxurious Two-Nights Accommodations
  • Admission to Fall Festival (per adult)
  • $15 Daily Resort Fee
  • 3rd night is 50% off

It’s an amazing idea that they are engaging people this way, and drawing attention to large promotions just via social media.  Follow Nemacolin on Twitter to know about future packages and promotions. Yay for unexpected companies on social media!