Steeler Game 10/3

I went home to Pittsburgh this past weekend, and went to the Steeler vs. Ravens game on Sunday.  I think I could write a book some day about the importance and uniqueness of Steeler culture in Pittsburgh.

Here is my dad and I before the game in our Steeler gear

They dedicated this particular Sunday to be about Breast Cancer Awareness.  The water fountains were dyed pink, there were breast cancer survivors introduced at the beginning of the game, and all the players had some form of pink on them.

We had amazing seats given to us

For whatever reason, I can’t seem to upload videos onto this blog.  To see two of my videos taken at the Steeler game, go to and click on “My Vimeo Videos” to see them!




Pittsburgh Public Market

I went down to the newly opened Pittsburgh Public Market, which is located in the Strip District.  We went around 11 Am on Saturday morning, and it was packed.  There are two parking lots right next door to the building, and it’s across the street from Kaya.  There were many different vendors ranging from organic vegetables and grass-fed beef to dog treats and olive oil.  One of the most interesting vendors was from Horizon View Farms, which is located in the Laurel Highlands and sells grass-fed beef.  Although the aisles are a little tight to walk through, I would definitely suggest you visit the market for some healthier eating.