Boston Public Garden

Flowers in the public garden yesterday to celebrate being done with my junior year.


Earthquake Drill Test on Facebook, Twitter

San Diego State University planned a natural disaster drill today to see how social media would be used to respond to a crisis.  Not only are government and relief organizations involved, but they want the public’s involvement too.  We are asked to go to InRelief to see if the website can handle a large amount of traffic. I think that this is fascinating and really practical.  With the staggering amount of people on Facebook and Twitter, it is the easiest way to reach the masses and watch the word spread.  If you are reluctant to get a Twitter, this is a perfect example of how the news has adapted to using social media.  I suggest that you set up a Twitter to at least follow major news networks, local news networks, and maybe some of your favorite companies for special promotions.

In other news, I went to the Stars concert last night at House of Blues in Boston.  Stars is my favorite band, and this show was even better than the last.  Apparently we were giving off really positive energy, and the lead singer couldn’t stop responding/talking about how great we were as a crowd.  These are all taken with my iPhone because I didn’t want to bring my big camera.

Boston: #1 City for Innovation Economy

Australian consulting innovation analysts, 2thinknow, ranked boston as the number one city for an innovation economy in “volatile economic conditions”.   The ranking is based on three factors: cultural assets, human infrastructure and networked markets of an innovation economy.  Basically, Boston is able to survive and be a leader in the community and job opportunities because of the creativity and start-up businesses.  Second and third place go to Paris and Amsterdam.

It is definitely a really interesting time to be a an upcoming professional living in such a creative city.  Congrats Boston!

Information via Innovation Cities Program. Photo from Google Images.