Excited for CHQ

I am getting so excited for the upcoming Chautauqua season!  Chautauqua was covered in snow last time I was there:



Art & Copy

Recently I watched the PBS documentary Art & Copy, which is about the advertising world through the eyes of some of the biggest agencies and most influential people in the industry.  For people who do not study advertising on a day to day basis, this is a fascinating look into what goes on behind creating a campaign. For those of you who do study/work in the advertising/media world, this is a reassuring film that demonstrates how important and successful advertising campaigns can become.

I encourage everyone to watch this documentary, and it is even on Watch Instantly on Netflix.  Throughout the film there are facts shown about the influence and how much money is spent on various parts of advertising.  Here are some of the facts that I found most impressive:

  • “The global advertising business will exceed $544 billion by 2010.”
  • “In the 1970s, the average city dweller received about 1,000 advertising messages every day. Today it’s closer to 5,000.”
  • “Food companies spent $32 billion on advertising in 2008.  Car companies spent more than $15 billion.”
  • “A 30 second ad on American Idol costs $750,000 in 2009.”

Do you think advertising is influential enough to be spending these vast amounts of money?

What’s New in My Life

There have been some developments in my life that I thought I would share:

– I am going to be studying in Los Angeles this coming Fall (September- December 2011)

– I am currently interning for Freecause (www.freecause.com)

– I have become extreme interested in health communication and health marketing

– I am apartment searching in Boston for next year

Reviving the blog

I am officially going to revive the blog!  I have been really busy with classes and my internship, but I am committed to start writing again.  There are a lot of important things going on in the media and health space that I feel need commented on.  Stay tuned.


Livestrong is trying to beat its own Guinness World Record for “Most Widespread Social Networking Message.”  The current record is 209,771 unique mentions in 24 hours using the hashtag #Beatcancer.

For those of you who are new to Twitter, a unique mention means that its not the same person using the hashtag over and over, but an individual new user each time.  A hashtag in a tweet creates a link to ALL the other tweets from around the world where people are using the same hashtag.  By putting the # symbol before a word, you are able to create your own hashtag and see if people are tweeting about the same topics.

Paypal and SWAGG have teamed up to donate $0.05 for every mention using the #Beatcancer hashtag.

Here is a screenshot of the current tweets using #beatcancer

New Gap Logo, Old Gap Logo

Last week Gap launched a new logo in order to reinvent itself and become more ‘modern.

This is a the old Gap logo

This was the new Gap logo

After releasing its new logo, Gap received very negative feedback and response from the social media world.  Twitter, Facebook, and blogs were filled with jokes about how it looked, and people even changed their icon on Twitter to mock the new ad.  There was a website called Make Your Own Gap Logo where people could create their own version of the Gap logo, but the site has been removed.  This was the most popular version of the Gap logo.

Gap was very responsive of the feedback, but some people thought that maybe they were a little too responsive.  Was this logo released with the intention of crowd-sourcing?

Gap then announced earlier this week that they were listening to fans, and going back to their old logo.  I think this is an amazing example of how brands are using social media, and how influential a customer’s voice can be.

What do you think of the logo dispute?

Steeler Game 10/3

I went home to Pittsburgh this past weekend, and went to the Steeler vs. Ravens game on Sunday.  I think I could write a book some day about the importance and uniqueness of Steeler culture in Pittsburgh.

Here is my dad and I before the game in our Steeler gear

They dedicated this particular Sunday to be about Breast Cancer Awareness.  The water fountains were dyed pink, there were breast cancer survivors introduced at the beginning of the game, and all the players had some form of pink on them.

We had amazing seats given to us

For whatever reason, I can’t seem to upload videos onto this blog.  To see two of my videos taken at the Steeler game, go to http://www.carrieannefox.com and click on “My Vimeo Videos” to see them!