New Gap Logo, Old Gap Logo

Last week Gap launched a new logo in order to reinvent itself and become more ‘modern.

This is a the old Gap logo

This was the new Gap logo

After releasing its new logo, Gap received very negative feedback and response from the social media world.  Twitter, Facebook, and blogs were filled with jokes about how it looked, and people even changed their icon on Twitter to mock the new ad.  There was a website called Make Your Own Gap Logo where people could create their own version of the Gap logo, but the site has been removed.  This was the most popular version of the Gap logo.

Gap was very responsive of the feedback, but some people thought that maybe they were a little too responsive.  Was this logo released with the intention of crowd-sourcing?

Gap then announced earlier this week that they were listening to fans, and going back to their old logo.  I think this is an amazing example of how brands are using social media, and how influential a customer’s voice can be.

What do you think of the logo dispute?

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